Nearly 300 LGBTQ organizations and businesses responded to our inaugural LGBTQ Safe Spaces National Needs assessment. It’s simple: our spaces are under real attack, and have overwhelmingly faced anti-LGBTQ hate violence. Read this summary and help AVP take action.

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Preliminary LGBTQ Safe Spaces National Needs Assessment Data Summary

Note: This is an early data release from the Safe Spaces Protection Project, and the data or analysis reflected here may change in the final report.

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National Needs Assessment Key Facts

Key Point 1: Around three out of five participating organizations experienced at least one anti-LGBTQ hate incident.

Key point 2: While some organizations report helpful interactions with police when called, most did not report incidents to police – and those that did report few investigations.

Key Point 3: LGBTQ organizations need much more training and technology to face hate and violence, but don’t have the resources they need to implement them.

Key Point 4: 90% of LGBTQ organizations report the fear of future anti-LGBTQ hate occurring.

How can I help?

Encourage LGBTQ businesses, organizations and spaces in your area to take the survey if they haven’t already. We need every LGBTQ+ space counted.

Share this information with your friends, family and community. Let’s talk about the actual hate violence we face, and inspire folks to stand up!

Connect with the LGBTQ organizations in your area around safety planning and supporting community-led safety initiatives. We are all in this together to help keep ourselves safer.

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